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Aluminium Bus Bar Manufacturer

We at Kedar Udyog are a well-established Aluminium Bus Bar Manufacturers in Delhi, India offering excellent quality bus bars for several electrical applications. Bus bar is one of the electrical components used in the transmission or distribution of electrical energy. We have been working in this business segment for a long and are known for manufacturing highly efficient aluminium bus bars. Aluminium is one of the highly conductive materials used for manufacturing bus bars.

Aluminium Color Coated Coil Suppliers in India

About Our Aluminium Bus Bar

Our Aluminium Bus Bars are made from selected aluminum metal typically 6101-T6 alloy. The T6 temper translates hardness and durability. This grading of aluminum alloy provides efficient electrical conductivity and ensures smooth operation of various electrical installations and systems. They also serve as the main conductive pathway for electricity. Our bar efficiently distributes electrical currents to various circuits and equipment and provides smooth and reliable power flow throughout diverse buildings, factories, and infrastructure. These bars are designed in a long and flat format. They contain various advanced features, including, excellent heat dissipation, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, and lightweight. They are also efficient conductors, compact, customizable, and serve multi-tasking applications. These features make our bus bar suitable for electrical panels, switchboards, distribution boards, and power substations.

Advantages of Our Aluminium Bus Bar

1) Transfers equal heat and prevent overheating
2) Handles high currents without breaking
3) Easy to install due to less weight compared to other metals
4) Eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable
5) Carries electricity effectively with minimal power loss
6) Requires minimal connections for power distribution
7) Shaped and sized to fit specific electrical needs

Kedar Udyog Aluminium Bus Bars are cost-effective and maintenance-free. Our products are electrical workhorses so they are found in many industries. They power construction sites, factories, workshops, data centers, aerospace, and transportation. They also serve commercial buildings and distribute power throughout offices, shopping malls, and high-rise apartments, supplying electricity on ships and offshore platforms. Moreover, they provide high currents for electrolysis processes, and power large-scale chemical reactions and equipment.

Our Manufacturing Process

Kedar Udyog is your most reliable manufacturer. We engineer all our products using superior materials such as pure aluminum, magnesium, and silicon. Our production facility employs advanced equipment for shaping bus bars through processes like melting, casting, and rolling to achieve the desired shape. We also conduct rigorous testing for the final product meets thickness, uniformity, and strength standards. We assure you of top-notch quality ranging from the raw material selection to the dispatch of products. For the final touch-up, each product carefully goes for packaging to protect the aluminum during distribution to customers. Our quality control team properly documents supervises and maintains the international standard service and product. If you are looking for a high-quality aluminum bus bar, you can contact Kedar Udyog. We stand to assist you with superior solutions for all your electrification needs.