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Aluminium Round Rod Manufacturer

Kedar Udyog is a prominent Aluminium Round Rod Manufacturer in India. This organization is engaged in the field of producing global ranking products that meet specific customer requirements Thus, we guarantee to cater to Indian and overseas standards in manufacturing our products. With decades of services and innovative engagement, we deliver products that are highly appreciated by our customers. Our inventive approaches and advanced manufacturing techniques enable us to win our patrons' hearts and be awarded reputed positions in the industry. The larger acquiring space of our manufacturing plant allows us to timely deliver every order, no matter if it is big, bulky, or single.

Aluminium Color Coated Coil Suppliers in India

About Our Aluminium Round Rod

Our Aluminium Round Rod is designed using premium quality aluminum alloys including 6061, 6063, and 7075. These different-grade aluminum alloys are combined with other contents, including magnesium, silicon, and zinc, and are used for different purposes. The different grades have different properties. For example, 6061 has good mechanical properties and weldability. Alloy 6063 has excellent corrosion resistance and surface finish. 7075 alloy, which includes zinc, defines high strength. Our Aluminium Round Rods contain several features, such as lightweight, corrosion resistance, high strength, superior weight-bearing capacity, and good thermal. They are also popular for their electrical conductivity and reliability. These products are fully recyclable without losing their properties. So they facilitate various uses in different manufacturing processes. Apart from that, our aluminum rods’ natural finish gives them an aesthetically pleasing appearance that enhances the personality of the installments.

Benefits of Our Aluminium Round Rod

1) Sturdy and lightweight, easy to use
2) Sustain long life in harsh environment
3) Superior weight-bearing capacity
4) Non-magnetic and heat-dissipating
5) Extreme versatility used for different applications
6) Cost-effective and multi-tasking

Usage In Industries

Our rods are extensively used in various industries, including the automotive industry, aerospace, and construction applications such as architectural frameworks, railings, and supports. They are also used in electrical industries for creating conductive components and wiring. Plus, marine applications like boat building and marine hardware are designed with aluminum round rods. Moreover, they utilize machinery, equipment manufacturing, and making decorative elements.

Our Manufacturing Process

At Kedar Udyog, we follow several manufacturing steps for crafting the superior Aluminium Round Rod. Our manufacturing infrastructure is state-of-the-art and equipped with advanced machinery and technology. These facilities include high-capacity furnaces, precision extrusion presses, modern cooling systems, and automated straightening and cutting machines. Moreover, our heat treatment section and surface finishing department offer a range of treatments, including anodizing and polishing. Besides these, a rigorous quality control process is integrated into our facility at every stage to guarantee products that meet the highest industry standards. So, you will get accurate shapes, different sizes, designs, and finishes to meet different industrial applications.

Reason To Choose Us

At Kedar Udyog, we deliver world-class products with comprehensive guarantees. We work with consistency and innovative approaches. Each product complies with modern demands. Our experienced personnel offer exceptional customer service, timely delivery, and customized solutions for your specific needs. The best part is our competitive pricing. Choose a leading Aluminium Round Rod Manufacturer and grabbing an excellent and innovative product for the success of your projects.